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  • Vans Warped Tour 2014 Preview

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    Since many of the RCA staffers will be at Vans Warped Tour 2014, we figured it would be cool to do a preview for the bands we’re (individually) most excited to see!

    It’s also (somehow) the 20th year of the beloved tour, with dozens of excellent acts and dates through Alaska, Europe, and Australia being the latest developments. At two decades under the belt, Warped is looking bigger and brighter every year.

    ANTHONY (Southeast Auburn, WA 6/28)

    How much do I want a picture with Sydney Sierota (Echosmith) or Tay Jardine (We Are The In Crowd)? A lot. But anyways, let’s do a top 5:

    5. Anberlin (@anberlin)

    Since this is undoubtedly their last Warped Tour, this long-running Florida band is a must-see before the farewell album and tour become all-too-real. Unfortunately, lowborn‘s release was pushed a month back to July 22nd, which means that Seattle may not be ready to sing along with the new material. Anberlin will play the Warheads Stage with We Are The In Crowd, The Maine, The Ready Set, Saves The Day, and more.

    4. Yellowcard (@Yellowcard)

    Yellowcard is to my heart as Ellie Goulding is… to my heart. I’ve loved them since Ocean Avenue, and in the years since the breakup, the reformation, and the resurgence, I’ve only come to appreciate them more. This year’s Warped run will sadly be the first major tour without founding drummer Longineu Parsons III, but Anberlin wunderkind-turned-wunderman drummer Nate Young will run the kit all Summer! Yellowcard will play the Kia Soul Stage with the likes of For Today, Breathe Carolina, Finch, Less Than Jake, and more.

    3. This Wild Life (@thiswildlife)

    I heard this duo perform early in 2014 for Emery’s 10th Anniversary tour. Wow. Wow. Kevin Jordan and Anthony (great name) Del Grosso make for a wondrous songwriting team, and perform with all the heart and emotion found in the studio. New album Clouded is making a ruckus, so be sure to check these guys out on the Warheads Stage all Summer.

    2. The Devil Wears Prada (@TDWPband)

    8:18 was my #1 record of 2013, just as the 8:18 tour was one of my favorite shows all year. These metalcore vets are poised to blow out the Electric Soul Stage all Summer with bands like Bowling For Soup, Falling In Reverse (merp), The Story So Far, and We The Kings.

    1. Neck Deep (@NeckDeepUK)

    This young band has carved out a pop punk sound that is both perfectly relevant and entirely their own. As far as I know, this will be Neck Deep’s first major US tour, and almost certainly their first time in the Pacific Northwest. New album Wishful Thinking is definitely one of my top records of 2014, and if the live footage on YouTube is any indication, these guys are a blast live. Neck Deep will take the Hard Rock Kevin Says Stage with A Lot Like Birds, Dangerkids, State Champs, and more.

    KELLY (Southeast Auburn, WA 6/28)

    5. Anberlin

    Anyone who says they aren’t a little bummed that Anberlin is calling is quits is probably lying. I will forever be impressed by Stephen’s ability to wear a leather jacket throughout the duration of their set at El Corazon while everyone else was sweating buckets.

    4. Every Time I Die (@everytimeidie)

    ETID is another long time favorite and always satisfy my desire for gritty southern rock. This will be my third year seeing them at Warped, which equals three times the stoke.

    3. Saves The Day (@savestheday)

    Choosing Saves The Day as my 3rd most anticipated artist made me realize that I am old. Oh well. These guys haven’t played Warped Tour since 2006, and Chris Conley is SO FUCKED PSYCHED that I can’t help but feel psyched too.

    3. K.Flay (@kflay)

    I’ve been a fan of K.Flay’s music for a few years now, but this is my first opportunity to see her awesomeness live. She just dropped her new album Life As A Dog yesterday, which you can stream in its entirety on SoundCloud.

    1. Bad Rabbits (@BadRabbits)

    Bad Rabbits has to be one of the most exciting acts on Warped Tour, if only because of their ability to make even the weakest of dancers (see: me) bust a move. Their funky sound is a refreshing change to what you would normally expect from the usual Warped circuit.
    Honorable mentions: Real Friends, Neck Deep, and A Lot Like Birds.

    BRIANNA (Portland, OR 6/29)

    5. The Devil Wears Prada

    Puts on a high-energy show and drives the crowd wild. (But mainly I’m looking to redeem myself from shooting them a few years back. Yikes.)

    4. Issues (@issues)

    They’re a more recent band but after catching them on the American Dream Tour I was hooked. The variations in vocal stylings between Michael Bohn and Tyler Carter somehow work so well together and make for a great show.

    3. The Ready Set (@thereadyset)

    It’s upbeat, poppy awesomeness full of tongue twisters—need I say more?

    2. Cute Is What We Aim For (@thecutetweet)

    Gifted with an infectious voice and even more infectious lyrics. Remember “The Curse of Curves”? So does everybody else because it was a damn good catchy song! You can’t not have fun at a CIWWAF show. (Yay double negatives!)

    1. Yellowcard

    My 8th grade obsession. If you weren’t diggin’ “Ocean Avenue”, or that entire album for that matter, what were you doing with your life? They’re still great, they’re still relevant, and I’m still stoked to see them stick around!

    SEAN (Shakopee, MN 7/20)

    5. Plague Vendor (@PlagueVendor)

    A gritty confrontational punk band that you may have never heard of but will punch your lights out with impressive vocals and raw garage energy.

    4. A Lot Like Birds (@alotlikebirds)

    This Post-Hardcore outfit released an impeccable album entitled ‘No Place’ last year. The album captured the feelings of trying to find a home by skirting through desperate pleas, frantic fears and emotional setbacks. Seeing these guys live will be a treasure, so will pleading out their urgent lyrics on top of some guy you don’t know.

    3. Terror (@terrorhardcore)

    Scott Vogel has been in the hardcore community since before a lot of people attending warped were born, so it should be fun to watch. Terror also knows how to open a pit with their straight forward hardcore approach. Catch them with Every Time I Die and Stray From The Path on the Monster Energy Stage as well.

    2. Stray From The Path (@strayfromdapath)

    Another Monster Energy Stage band with the angry Rage Against The Machine feel. The band bleeds energy and pours out breakdowns full of intense whiplashes you are sure to feel the next day. Your body may begin working out at an intense heart rate, be prepared.

    1. Every Time I Die

    This band is on album release number seven, this is their fifth warped tour and they still can have fun while unleashing insanely heavy hardcore anthems. Catch these five dudes ripping the Monster Energy Stage all summer long in support of their incredible new album From Parts Unknown. Grab a beer and a banana suit and hit the pit!

    For more on stage information, band lists, dates, and general tour info, visit the Vans Warped Tour website. Otherwise, stay hydrated, and see you in the pit!

    Anthony Chang


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