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  • Colleen’s Top 10 Extravaganza of 2012!

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    I am sure you all have been literally HANGING on the edge of your seats for my top 10 albums for 2012. I know, my brilliance of new artists mixed with the old fogies are exactly what you want to see here. I am kidding… well, sorta. I hope I did you justice, people. Enjoy!

    1. “Vital” – Anberlin
    Words cannot express my undying respect for these guys. After seeing them in New York City last September, I anticipated this album unlike any other this year. Like most albums in this era, it leaked on the interwebs piece by piece. I had to stop myself from listening to it because Anberlin is the master creator of the album. They coordinate every song and match it perfectly with every track. Their transitions and in depth lyrics prove that they did not die with “Cities” back in 2007. If that wasn’t enough, Stephen Christian, the lead singer of Anberlin, released his solo project’s, Anchor & Braille, sophomore album in July. Whoa. Big huge year for Anberlin.

    2. “Phoenix” – The Classic Crime
    After leaving Tooth & Nail, the hometown boys, The Classic Crime, released this bad boy. Damn, these guys deliver EVERY time. This album is their fourth studio album and has only proved that these guys have truly seasoned themselves. This album was completely funded by fans and donations. Justin DuQue left the band this month to pursue a different life path. One can only wonder what is in store for the guys in 2013.

    3. “The Lumineers” – The Lumineers
    You probably don’t know who this band is by their name, but if you look up, “Ho Hey,” you will instantly recognize the song and its familiarity. John Richards, the morning show DJ at KEXP in Seattle, discovered this song sitting in a pile of new cd’s he’d received. He played it twice a day for the next week and then called it the best song of 2012. Whether it’s the best song or not, it is only a strong helping gust of wind to the full fledged hurricane this album actually is. Take a listen and enjoy.

    4. “Born to Die” – Lana Del Ray
    In January, this gem came out. The album is truly inspired by the 50s and 60s Americana. After debuting on SNL, “Born to Die” shot to the top of the itunes abums. Additionally, H&M;named Lana the face of their fall and winter 2012 campaign. It will be interesting to see where she ends up in the next few years. All hail, Nancy Sinatra.

    5. “Threads” – Now Now
    This young indie group based out of Minneapolis really changed my year. They joined fun. on their summer tour this year and proved to be far more entertaining and original than the main act. I instantly fell in love with them after seeing them on Jimmy Fallon this fall. I expect to see great things from these guys.

    6. “Is Your Love Big Enough” – Lianne La Havas
    I have always had a strange connection with British singers. This singer hails from London, England. Although she will never be the powerhouse of Adele or Amy Winehouse, she sure made waves in 2012 with this album. She was on almost every major network’s late night shows, played on the same stage of Bon Iver, and is currently nominated for a few awards. Watch out for Lianne in 2013. With a voice like that and a funk like she has, there is nothing she can’t do.

    7. “Battle Born” – The Killers
    This album was my soundtrack for one of the roughest summers I’ve had in quite some time. I’ve always been a Killers fan, but this album, in particular, connected to my soul. The single from this record, “The Runaways,” is a crazy eighties dance party. The whole album is heartfelt and reminiscent of the 2005 album Hot Fuss.

    8. “Unorthodox Jukebox” – Bruno Mars
    Anything that makes me have to take a cold shower or have instant sexhair is going to be on my best of 2012 list. Bruno Mars is the king of the sexy song and the “almost too much” song lyrics. He also hosted SNL this year and performed on the late night and prime time television slot respectively.

    9. “The Heist” – Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
    My list would not be complete without this album. I have never been more proud after seeing the success of this album. This year, they jumped from Northwestern hunks of hip-hop to national rap stars. This whole album makes me want to buy a fur coat. It’s an odd urge, but that’s alright with me.

    10. “My Head is An Animal” – Of Monsters and Men
    Another international group stole my heart this year. If you aren’t familiar with the group, they are at five piece indie band from Iceland. Although the album released in 2011 in Iceland, it took over six months to reach the charts and debut in North America. The track “Little Talks,” was on a few mix CDs this year. In 2013, we should expect to hear more from this group.


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