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    1. Gallery : Warped Tour 2015

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      Warped Tour 2015 has come and gone and all I’ve got are these damn photos. Actually, I had an even better time this year than I did last year. As I get older, most of the bands I grew up listening to are doing or have done 10 year tours for my favorite albums. That leaves me with something vacant in my soul: the need for new music. People will scoff that I don’t know a lot of the bands touring these days, but I love going to Warped Tour to discover amazing new music. Last year I was very new to the Seattle area and attended Warped on my own, but this year I brought my amazing friend Sarah. Sarah is old buddies with Fit For A King and introduced me to their great music.

    2. News : Stream Night Argent’s New Single Comet (Light It Up)

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      Pasco band Night Argent are gearing up for Warped this weekend, but had the time to drop their new single “Comet (Light It Up)” before it all goes down. The Battle-Of-The-Bands winning, SXSW-busting, alt-rock masters are playing Warped all Summer, and will be handing out free EPs at their tent. Don’t miss this stuff… and check out our Local Spotlight and show recap with the gang. I’ve said it before, and I stand by it – Night Argent is THE next big band from Washington.

    3. Staff Blog : Sean’s Shining Warped Tour Shenanigans

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      Living in a small town can be harsh, mainly because Warped Tour does not even attend the state I live in. Instead of allowing that to be aggravating, my best friend Ali and I looked at this opportunity of travel in positive light. Although the Minnesota Warped Tour date is only three hours north, we decided to travel and be free of the stressors in our everyday lives. We drove to Minneapolis the night before and went out and about in the great city.

    4. Staff Blog : Vans Warped Tour 2014 Preview

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      Since many of the RCA staffers will be at Vans Warped Tour 2014, we figured it would be cool to do a preview for the bands we’re (individually) most excited to see!

    5. News : Stream Warped Tour Opening Day In Houston – Live Now!

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      If you can’t wait for the Summer at the Warped Tour, it’s coming to you. All day today, the massive tour will be livestreaming performances on the Warped website. See you in the pit, June 28th!

    6. News : Watch Echosmith Perform ‘Cool Kids’ on Conan

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      Last night, unbelievably youthful LA band Echosmith blew Conan’s show out with a beautifully mature performance of ‘Cool Kids’. Watch after the jump, and catch this talented young act all Summer on the Warped Tour!

    7. News : #InboxCrawl Vol. 4 – ‘Cloudy, With A Chance Of Music Videos’

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      Been a while. Let’s take a look at what’s good in the inbox!

    8. News : Volumes To Release Sophomore LP ‘No Sleep’ July 15th on Mediaskare

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      Los Angeles groove metal band Volumes will release ‘No Sleep’, their sophomore full-length, on Mediaskare Records on July 15th. Watch the lyric video for first single The Mixture, and watch this exciting band on the Warped Tour all Summer long!

    9. News : LetLive. ‘GiveBack’ with HeartSupport on Warped Tour

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      Jake Luhrs’ nonprofit movement HeartSupport has teamed up with Warped tour mates LetLive. for an all-new video series entitled GiveBack. The video series kicks off with LetLive. guitarist Jeff Sahyoun, riffing on perserverance, life on the road, and staying balanced while on tour. Watch the interview on HeartSupport’s Vimeo page, or find out more about the organization by visiting HeartSupport directly.