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    1. Staff Blog : My Top Five Albums Halfway Through 2014 – Amanda

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      2014 has been very kind to the ears thus far. I found myself contemplating for a good week or so whilst trying to narrow my roster of rad albums down to just five (I cannot imagine how difficult our end of the year lists are going to be). The numbers are in, and so far, it is looking like Brit-pop acts are dominating the album playing field. I am stoked for everything else that 2014 has to offer, and brace yourselves for the biggest concert and festival year I have ever had in my end of the year recap!

    2. Staff Blog : My Top Five Albums Halfway Through 2014 – Anthony

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      A lot of things in life have given me cause to say “whatever, forever” this year, but not music. I went into the last six months not expecting much, but in every (musical) way, 2014 has delivered so far. Also, 23/2013 overall just sucked, so whatever. Forever.

    3. Staff Blog : My Top Five Albums Halfway Through 2014 – Björk

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      Sean got this whole ball rolling and though I’m extremely busy, I want in! I whipped this puppy up during my lunch break. I am still fairly new at RCA and I know haven’t shared much about myself with you all. Here’s a little bit of a more about me- through music! 2014 is halfway over (say what?!) That means that by now a solid number of albums have been released and found their place in our iTunes libraries. Here are my top five releases of 2014 so far- I suspect I’ll do another five at the end of the year.