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    1. Gallery : Sworn In at Branx

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      Sworn In’s first trip to the Northwest came very close to not happening at all.

    2. Album Review : Sworn In – The Death Card

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      After one listen to Sworn In’s debut album “The Death Card”, many questions begin to surface. As the idea of death being an escape to the feeling of losing something close to you, like your sanity, with each listen to the album, the listener will begin to question just how strong their sanity is, at least that’s how I felt. With each track telling a new disturbing and mind twisting tale, “The Death Card” is story of a man who begins to question his choices in life and if he really is losing everything around him or just slowly letting his sanity slip further and further from his grasp to bring him back to reality. With each track painting a picture of man at the end of his rope and with his mental wellbeing at stake, “The Death Card” is a non-stop, relentless and chest pounding attack upon the listener.

    3. Staff Blog : Music Monday: Being As An Ocean, A Shattered Hope, Sworn In

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      Hailing out of Alpine, CA Being As An Ocean are quickly making a name for themselves in the heavy sea of the music scene. Their debut album “Dear G-d” is everything an album should be. So much passion and heart with every note played, every word sung. This album will leave you wanting more from this group. BAAO has quickly become one of my favorite bands and I have a feeling they will stay among the ranks for a while.