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    1. Staff Blog : Joe’s Top 5 Records in 2015 So Far

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      Well it’s that time of year where we reflect on the past 6 months of music! Here are my top 5 albums so far in 2015. Listen & love.

    2. Staff Blog : Anthony’s Top 5 Of 2015… So Far

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      Listicle writing school pt. 1 of several in 2015. Now that we’re about halfway through 2015, here are my favorite records so far. You know I can drone on and on so I’ll pipe down so I can talk.

    3. Staff Blog : Sasquatch 2015 Preview!

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      We’ve got some cool stuff going up this year, not the least of which involves this weekend: Sasquatch 2015 is pretty dang close to here. We’ve asked our writers to come up with some artists they’re excited about that will be playing this weekend!

    4. Gallery : In Memoriam – 10* Years With Anberlin

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      October 13, 2014, Showbox at the Market. Anberlin’s last Seattle show, ever. Sold out. 1,100 cap. I have a few mixed confessions about Anberlin, but the facts are straight: I laid an old friend to rest that night.

    5. Staff Blog : Nonprofits: Time for a lesson in donating money

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      I would be a hypocrite if I, as a fund developer for a nonprofit, asked individuals in my community to donate money if I didn’t turn around and donate my hard earned cash as well. Time for a lesson in donating money.

    6. Staff Blog : Crowd Funding Reality Check

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      We all already know how much the internet has flipped the music industry upside down. Labels are no longer necessary to get the funding to record the album you want to record or buy the van you want to tour in (among other things). Nowadays you can use crowd-funding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. These ingenious tools allow you to go straight to your fans, tell them what it is you need their money for, give them a list of cool rewards they’ll get for donating a certain amount, and BAM, you’ve got your money and you’re on your way. I love this concept. It’s a brilliant idea and in my eyes brings the fans closer to the artist and makes them feel more involved. It shows that they are necessary for the artist’s existence and an integral part of their failure or success

    7. Staff Blog : Music Monday: “I feel so presidential… but I’m not.”

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      Today is one of those strange Mondays I’ve had in a while. Last time, I talked about how cool Olan Rogers was in his video “Ghost in the Stalls.” Today, I still preach the validity of cool-ness that is Olan Rogers. If he made music instead of youtube videos, I would never turn off my ipod. I mean, at least it isn’t the “Friday” song by Rebecca Black!

    8. Staff Blog : Music Monday: Independent Artists

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      Chris Bateson gives you his top independent artists of the week.

    9. Staff Blog : Lost in the Sound of the Great Divide: Underoath disbands and it is about time!

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      It’s not that I don’t think Underoath is a great band or that they didn’t have great intentions. It is simple: hardcore music isn’t popular and no one is buying their records.

    10. Staff Blog : Seattle Musicians: Are they taken seriously?

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      How can Seattle musicians be so under-appreciated? Are Seattle musicians “talent-less”? Has the heart of the music scene left each soulless musician? Where have the fans gone?