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    1. News : Stream Skrillex’s Surprise Album… In Space

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      EDM superstar Skrillex has been relatively quiet lately, producing songs here and there without the same pomp or flair as when he single-wubb-edly defined -step as a mainstream genre. Sonny Moore, the mastermind behind Skrillex, is back at it with a creative new game app that allows you to stream his new album, featuring a cut with Chance The Rapper. Take it all in on the Skrillex website!

    2. Staff Blog : Top 10 releases of 2012: A drummer’s perspective

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      Here are the rules: “Release” can mean anything. It could be an album, it could be a single, it could be a professionally released video, or it could be a crappy homemade video that just happens to illustrate my point. As long as it was released in 2012 it’s fair game.

    3. Interview : Skrillex

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      The guy’s got it… all of it. With naturally adept musical talent crossing multiple genres, the unadulterated will to put in the painfully time-intensive work necessary for success, a unique and enticing counter-culture image capable of pulling in masses of new fans, and a dance-floor / meat-butchering sound all of his own Sonny Moore is primed for climbing the ladder to the top and skipping more than a few rungs on the way up to Valhalla.