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    1. Gallery : Tangerine – ‘Behemoth EP’ Release at Barboza 10/23

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      On any given Thursday night in Seattle’s iconic neighborhood, Capitol Hill, you are bound to walk into an awesome show. This was no different on October 23rd over at Barboza where local quartet, Tangerine, celebrated the release of their new EP, “Behemoth!” The basement bar was filled to the rim with loyal fans, friends, and family for Marika, Miro, Toby, and Ryan.

    2. Interview : Fly Moon Royalty

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      Having emerged from Seattle’s underground soul/r&b scene just a few years prior to releasing a slew of critically acclaimed tracks, Fly Moon Royalty has found the way to stand out instead of becoming just another cog in the man-made music machine. Vocalist Adra Boo and producer/keyboardist/MC Mike Illvester easily paved the way for up and coming acts, not to say that heaps of hard work wasn’t involved but a strong dose of pure talent doesn’t hurt. In 2012 Seattle Magazine named them as one of the city’s Best New Bands while simultaneously being voted by City Arts as the Best Local Band.
      2014 is sure to be a big year for Fly Moon Royalty as well—with the release of their new EP,

    3. Local Spotlight : Iska Dhaaf

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      Releasing a first full-length album is definitely a milestone for any band. For Iska Dhaaf, it has been a three year long journey of writing, composing, and recording. And let me tell you, it was more than worth the wait!

    4. Local Spotlight : Kimberlin Silver Co.

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      Like how many good stories begin, Eric Bowley was inspired by a girl. If you know anything about him, you may think I’m talking about love songs and his band The Scene Aesthetic. This is a different story. This is a story about spoons, and the rings he makes out of them at Kimberlin Silver Co.