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    1. News : Pick Up Tickets For Monsters Scare You’s FAREWELL SHOW 3/15

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      It’s with heavy hearts that we formally bid Monsters Scare You goodbye. The long-running Seattle sextet has made a name for itself in the PNW, fusing post-hardcore and screamo with electronica and putting out a couple sweet releases. Come see this band off on Saturday, 3/15, at El Corazon for only $10 advance. MSY will share the stage with other notable local acts, including Keeping Secrets, Pink Bead, Prestige, Reach For The Sky, and We The Audience.

    2. News : Into the Flood added to Secret Rise Records Headliner Show, 9/7 at El Corazon

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      Into the Flood has been added to an already loaded lineup this Saturday, 9/7, at El Corazon. The Seattle-based metal quintet is joining Prestige, Reach for the Sky. Monsters Scare You, and We the Audience, as well as a secret Rise Records headliner we’re more than a little sure is Issues.

    3. News : Monsters Scare You Secret Show With Surprise Headliner (Issues?) at El Corazon 9/7

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      Monsters Scare You has announced a secret show with a surprise guest headliner, listed as a “Surprise Rise Records Headliner” on the El Corazon calendar.

    4. News : Monsters Scare You/Keeping Secrets album release show 7/20

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      Seattle Post-Hardcore/electro sextet Monsters Scare You will be celebrating the release of their new album, Die A Legend, as well as their return from tour Saturday evening at El Corazon. Metalcore locals Keeping Secrets will share the stage and the release show with their new EP, Press On. Joining them will be Washington bands Reach for the Sky, Osatia, and We Move Mountains, as well as California’s Speaking the King’s. Monsters Scare You will also be filming a video for a new cover song.