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    1. Staff Blog : Björk talks 2014

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      I’ve almost been with RCA for a year- can I get a hoorah?! 2014 has been rough and wonderful all at the same time- I’ll let my choices speak to that.

    2. Staff Blog : My Top Five Albums Halfway Through 2014 – Björk

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      Sean got this whole ball rolling and though I’m extremely busy, I want in! I whipped this puppy up during my lunch break. I am still fairly new at RCA and I know haven’t shared much about myself with you all. Here’s a little bit of a more about me- through music! 2014 is halfway over (say what?!) That means that by now a solid number of albums have been released and found their place in our iTunes libraries. Here are my top five releases of 2014 so far- I suspect I’ll do another five at the end of the year.

    3. Interview : Joseph Mount of Metronomy

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      Established British pop quartet Metronomy has a history releasing some seriously incredible work- still a proven fact with the drop of their most recent record Love Letters. Led by the talented Joseph Mount, Metronomy has been making their way into our hearts with songs such as ‘The Look’ and -a personal favorite- ‘A Thing For Me’. A noticeable shift in style from their past work is shown in Love Letters that can only launch the band into a new level of success!

    4. News : Preview- Next week! Metronomy at Neumos with Cloud Control

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      Coming June 11th to Capitol Hill’s beloved Neumos: British pop band Metronomy! Kicking off their tour with the release of their largely awaited fourth studio album “Love Letters” this past March- Metronomy has been trailing the US leaving behind their brilliant lyricism and chill dance vibes for fans to reminisce about for the next year. Last visiting our beautiful city while accompanying Coldplay in 2012, Metronomy is well overdue to bring their sound to our city and make us dance!