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    1. News : MH Citizens Announce New Band Name, New Album ‘Join The Triumph’ 10/28

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      Mars Hill alum Citizens! has officially been redubbed Citizens & Saints, and announced a new record today, Join The Triumph, due out 10/28. The band has also signed with a booking agent, which means that the band will soon be touring! Read more on the band’s changeups on the BEC Records press release!

    2. Album Review : Live In Color EP – Kings Kaleidoscope

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      Over the last few weeks, eclectic Seattle collective Kings Kaleidoscope has generated a ton of buzz over their next release, the ‘Live In Color’ EP. Under a new deal with BadChristian Music, the 10-piece Mars Hill alum has been hard at work preparing for the 3/18 drop date. The free six-song EP was recorded live at Chief Kanim Middle School (because they can apparently just do that) and was preceded by a set of beautifully shot videos of the performances.

    3. News : King’s Kaleidoscope Partner With BadChristian Music For ‘Live In Color’

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      As part of the new BadChristian Music effort, the Emery boys are proud to present a partnership with groundbreaking Seattle band King’s Kaleidoscope. The Mars Hill alums are releasing a total of 6 live music videos as a lead-up to a free download of ‘Live In Color’, showcasing the 10-piece’s chameleon charm and masterful arrangements. Read the press release on the BC website, and watch the first three videos, Defender, Higher Throne, and Felix Culpa after the jump.

    4. News : Dustin Kensrue’s ‘The Water & The Blood’ Out Now

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      Former Thrice frontman and current Mars Hill musician Dustin Kensrue has released his new album, ‘The Water & The Blood’! For $2 off at Best Buy, be sure to show your Best Buy cashier the online coupon. Read an article written by Kensrue on the new album, or buy it directly from his site!

    5. News : Dustin Kensrue Posts Video for ‘It’s Not Enough’

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      Mars Hill musician and former Thrice frontman Dustin Kensrue has posted a video for his recent single, It’s Not Enough. Watch the new video below, or preorder the upcoming album, ‘The Water & The Blood’ on the Mars Hill Music site, due out 10/8 on BEC/MHM Records.

    6. News : Dustin Kensrue Announces Solo Album, Premieres New Song ‘It’s Not Enough’

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      Mars Hill worship leader and former Thrice frontman Dustin Kensrue has announced a solo album titled ‘The Water and The Blood’, set for October 1st off BEC/Mars Hill Music. Kensrue has also posted a song originally intended as a Thrice track, titled It’s Not Enough. Stream the new song, and keep your eyes open for preorder information on ‘The Water and The Blood’!