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    1. Gallery : Madness at the Core of Time Tour: GWAR and whitechapel at Showbox Sodo

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      I honestly do not have a lot to say about this tour/night. I had heard some pretty intense things about GWAR and how risky it could be as a photographer. I did a bit of YouTube research and saw tons of fake blood and other bodily fluids shooting out towards the crowd; I was less than stoked. Thankfully, my lack of camera protection ended up being okay, as long as I paid attention to the mechanism shooting out the fake blood while I was doing my thang. That being said, it was an awesome experience. whitechapel was nothing short of amazing; it is astounding to me just how loud and overwhelming (in the best kind of way) this band is and I am impressed each time I get to watch them. GWAR was overall, well, weird. Awesome, and totally weird. But, isn’t that the point? Enjoy the weird photos!