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    1. Local Spotlight : Kimberlin Silver Co.

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      Like how many good stories begin, Eric Bowley was inspired by a girl. If you know anything about him, you may think I’m talking about love songs and his band The Scene Aesthetic. This is a different story. This is a story about spoons, and the rings he makes out of them at Kimberlin Silver Co.

    2. Featured Artist : Jesse Morrow

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      When singer/songwriter Jesse Morrow moved to Bellingham from Michigan, he was excited to accept his ideal job as an art director at a local church. He knew no one and knew nothing about the Seattle area, but it was a job opportunity he could not pass up.

    3. Local Spotlight : Truth Under Attack

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      There’s something to be said about a band that can be on the brink of a breakdown and still come out on the other side of it as determined and driven as ever. This is the story of what the last year or so looked like for Truth Under Attack.