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    1. Local Spotlight : The Wild Things

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      You may have heard rumblings lately around town of a new “supergroup” forming. Well, it’s The Wild Things. Brandon “Bird” Ereth and Chad Keller of Monsters Scare You!, Cody Freiburger of Keeping Secrets, Leo Martin of Moneta, and Preston McDonald of Sky Pilot have joined forces to create this new rock band, and they’re making moves. Now in the studio working on their debut album, Joe Bosslet and I had a chance to catch this veteran band’s first show at the Nectar Lounge on 12/11. Keep on the lookout for our show recap of the Seventh Annual Classic Christmas!

    2. News : Announcing – The Wild Things

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      Members of four major Seattle bands have bound together to form The Wild Things, an exciting new quintet already in the studio with their debut album. The band features former members of Monsters Scare You!, Moneta, Sky Pilot, and Keeping Secrets. This all-star lineup will release their first single in December, a song aptly titled “Can’t Hardly Wait”, and will play their first show together with The Classic Crime at the Nectar Lounge 12/11.

    3. News : Blessed By A Broken Heart To Headline ‘Back From The Dead’ Night At El Co 10/31

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      Shredtastic Canadian band Blessed By A Broken Heart will be headlining a Halloween show at El Corazon with other “back from the dead” bands like Monsters Scare You!, From Aphony, and Keeping Secrets’ original lineup! Tickets are a whopping $10 on the El Corazon calendar, and it’s a historic night: Blessed By A Broken Heart will be calling it quits again after this show.

    4. News : Pick Up Tickets For Monsters Scare You’s FAREWELL SHOW 3/15

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      It’s with heavy hearts that we formally bid Monsters Scare You goodbye. The long-running Seattle sextet has made a name for itself in the PNW, fusing post-hardcore and screamo with electronica and putting out a couple sweet releases. Come see this band off on Saturday, 3/15, at El Corazon for only $10 advance. MSY will share the stage with other notable local acts, including Keeping Secrets, Pink Bead, Prestige, Reach For The Sky, and We The Audience.

    5. News : Colossal Fest 2014 Lineup Announcement

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      Currently set for January 4th and 5th at El Corazon, Colossal Fest’s 2014 lineup has been posted in a YouTube video. Bands featured include Keeping Secrets, Peace Mercutio, Truth Under Attack, Sky Pilot, To Paint The Sky, Honor Among Thieves, and many others! Watch the lineup announcement video below, and keep an eye out for ticketing information on the Facebook event page!

    6. News : Keeping Secrets Cover Macklemore’s ‘Can’t Hold Us’

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      Keeping Secrets has posted a tongue-tying rock cover of fellow Seattleite Macklemore’s smash hit Can’t Hold Us. Stream the song after the jump!

    7. News : Keeping Secrets Post Teaser Video for Macklemore Cover

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      Keeping Secrets has posted a teaser video for their upcoming cover of Macklemore’s smash hit, Can’t Hold Us. Watch the teaser video after the jump, and keep your eyes peeled for the video/track release!

    8. News : Keeping Secrets Posts New Track, ‘Spooner’

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      Keeping Secrets has posted a video for Spooner, the fifth track off their new EP ‘Press On’. The song is inspired by the movie iRobot. Stream the new song after the jump!

    9. News : Monsters Scare You/Keeping Secrets album release show 7/20

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      Seattle Post-Hardcore/electro sextet Monsters Scare You will be celebrating the release of their new album, Die A Legend, as well as their return from tour Saturday evening at El Corazon. Metalcore locals Keeping Secrets will share the stage and the release show with their new EP, Press On. Joining them will be Washington bands Reach for the Sky, Osatia, and We Move Mountains, as well as California’s Speaking the King’s. Monsters Scare You will also be filming a video for a new cover song.

    10. Album Review : Keeping Secrets – Press On (EP)

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      Finding your own sound is a challenging task for most bands, yet Seattle/Tacoma’s own Keeping Secrets have overcome that challenge and found a sound that fits them perfectly. With a combination of new ideas and older nuances, the band showcases this perfect mixture on their newest EP “Press On,” and it is sure to please the ears of many. While the EP lacks length, Keeping Secrets manages to keep the listener at full attention with every note played.