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    1. Interview : Life in Film

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      Life in Film is currently on tour with The Wombats, and we had a chance to catch up with them beforehand! See them live at The Neptune on Tuesday, 5/19.

    2. Local Spotlight : Duke Evers

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      If musical fate were a thing, Josh Starkel (guitars/vocals) and Kyle Veazey (drums/vocals) of Seattle’s own Duke Evers, were definitely meant to have crossed paths. Having found each other whilst looking for roommates, it wasn’t until months later that they started jamming together and soon realized that their musical styles and ideas were destined to be melded into what is now known as Duke Evers.

    3. Local Spotlight : David McDaniel

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      David McDaniel is the best guitarist you’ve never heard of, until now

    4. Featured Artist : New Lungs

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      Every once in a while, a new band comes around and reinvents the wheel in a way that hooks you in instantly. It’s not a vain attempt to start the next “big thing”, but an indicator that within the band lies a wealth of musical knowledge and influences that contribute to something fresh and exciting. New Lungs’ “Lanterns” certainly fits this description, as this is one of the most dynamic EPs I have heard from the local experimental/indie genre in years.

    5. Interview : Amanda Markley

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      Growing up, being a musician was not what Amanda Markley had in mind. The Seattle singer/songwriter’s first love was riding horses, with hopes of going to the Olympics someday. Her horse-riding career was over and her world was shattered when she was diagnosed with stress fractures in her back. This sent her into a season of depression and uncertainty, where she coped by writing down her feelings during this time in a journal. Little did she know, this journaling and writing would someday be songs and she would find a new love: playing music.

    6. Interview : Atlas Genius

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      Well, it’s Valentines Day: the day of love, Hallmark, and chocolate. For us in the music blogging world, we pass on the calories and interview up & coming Indie bands, especially ones with thick Australian accents. Today, Keith Jeffrey, from the South Australian band Atlas Genius, gave us the pleasure of chatting with him about life, Valentines day, and a pre-show scotch?

    7. Interview : Alabaster

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      Good thing the world didn’t end in 2012, because 2013 is going to be a good year for Alabaster. Since three of them (Shaina, Joe and Kate) moved to Seattle from Chicago in 2006 to pursue their music in the Northwest, they have recorded albums, played in over 25 states, sold out shows, played at Warped Tour and opened for some of the biggest bands in the country such as Yellowcard, Switchfoot and Cartel.

    8. Interview : Rival Sons

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      Any band that describes their music as “Grove, Soul & Swagger” is intriguing enough to deserve a listen. Long Beach rock’n’roll band Rival Sons live up to such an epic title. The jazz-trained rhythm section colliding with a “garage-rock fuzzadelic guitar maestro” (as described in their biography) and a Blues street singer create a genre of rock that is rare to come by. The band’s unique style of recording also contribute to their sound. Their biography describes a process where they write and record music extremely fast, and that results in them drawing from their raw creative instincts. The group is releasing their fourth album, “Head Down,” in March 2013 and recently made a tour stop at the Tractor Tavern in Seattle on January 29.Rival Sons is vocalist Jay Buchanan, guitarist Scott Holiday, bassist Robin Everhart and drummer Michael Miley. Robin Everhart answered some questions via email before their show in Seattle on January 29.

    9. Interview : Dylan Jakobson

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      The last two years have been life-changing for Dylan Jackobsen. The local Seattle singer/songwriter has gone from playing open-mics in the food court of Alderwood Mall to opening for some huge acts, such as The All-American Rejects, The Maine, Parachute, and Boys Like Girls. He was featured in the September 2012 issue of Alternative Press. He also just released his second album, “Long Way Home,” which he recorded in Los Angeles with Carson Lehman (who also recorded Rooney). He has gone on two tours, made music his full-time job, basically filled El Corazon for his album release show in December, and met some of the musicians he has looked up to most of his life. All of this and he has not even had his 20th birthday yet.

    10. Interview : Matt Bacnis

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      In the last eight months since the band has been together, Matt Bacnis has played over 30 shows, recorded an album entirely self-funded, played with bands like The Classic Crime and The Dangerous Summer, met Dan Young of This Providence while recording guest vocals with another artist, and gone on a west cost tour. Matt emphasized that even though their name is Matt Bacnis, they truly are a band (as opposed to a solo artist accompanied by a band), comprised of Carson Heffner on guitar, Tristen Cox on bass, Dylan Heffner on drums and Matt Bacnis on guitar and vocals. Tristen and Matt have been in other bands together, starting with their first band in high school Made To Break, and their band Step One that came later.