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    1. News : Save The Neve Mixing Console!

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      Seattle’s legendary London Bridge Studios is calling for help in saving The Neve, the vintage mixing console that was involved in recording Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Blind Melon and more. The campaign is up on Indiegogo, where a bunch of sweet supporter rewards and the campaign video are posted. Check it out, and consider supporting a cool cause (and maybe get your name etched onto the restored Neve console!

    2. News : Amber Pacific Returns With Indiegogo Campaign

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      With the long-awaited return of original frontman Matt Young, Federal Way heroes Amber Pacific are celebrating a decade together with an Indiegogo campaign for their fourth studio release. Read the first section of the press release after the jump, and be sure to donate to this beloved band’s return over on Indiegogo!

    3. News : Moneta Record Release Update

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      While working on their new record ‘The Only Constant’ this Summer, Seattle band Moneta encountered studio scheduling sessions that delayed mixing and mastering until just recently. Originally slated for a Summer 2013 release, the band is now working hard to fulfill the Indiegogo campaign packages and wrap up the record as needed. The official statement is after the jump, as pulled from the band’s Facebook.

    4. News : All Together Skatepark IndieGogo Campaign

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      All Together Skatepark is a local Indiegogo campaign on the verge of being funded, fundraising to revamp and reopen the last indoor skate park in Seattle, Inner Space. Located in Fremont, the campaign has raised over $31,000 of the $35,000 goal to renovate, reopen, and maintain the facility. The campaign and all of its awesome pledge prizes close in the next two days, so be sure to watch the overview video below and help open All Together Skatepark on the ATS Indiegogo pledge page!

    5. Staff Blog : Crowd Funding Reality Check

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      We all already know how much the internet has flipped the music industry upside down. Labels are no longer necessary to get the funding to record the album you want to record or buy the van you want to tour in (among other things). Nowadays you can use crowd-funding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. These ingenious tools allow you to go straight to your fans, tell them what it is you need their money for, give them a list of cool rewards they’ll get for donating a certain amount, and BAM, you’ve got your money and you’re on your way. I love this concept. It’s a brilliant idea and in my eyes brings the fans closer to the artist and makes them feel more involved. It shows that they are necessary for the artist’s existence and an integral part of their failure or success