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    1. News : Stream Rookie Town’s New Album ‘Rooted Feral’

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      Bellingham punks Rookie Town just put out a new record, Rooted Feral. Stream or buy it now on Bandcamp!

    2. Album Review : To The Wind – Block Out The Sun & Sleep

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      When you live in a small town, often times there are a few bands that play in your immediate area. One time my band opened up for our hometown hardcore band, and also on the list was To The Wind. Blistering riffs and heavy melodic music seared the audience that night from the Seattle quintet. Their debut Empty Eyes was a solid album, but felt safe and locked into the box. Their newest release Block Out The Sun & Sleep stretches their blueprint and reach new stages of big chords and flowing melodies.

    3. Interview : My Goodness

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      Interview with Andy and Joel from My Goodness.

    4. News : Stream Skrillex’s Surprise Album… In Space

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      EDM superstar Skrillex has been relatively quiet lately, producing songs here and there without the same pomp or flair as when he single-wubb-edly defined -step as a mainstream genre. Sonny Moore, the mastermind behind Skrillex, is back at it with a creative new game app that allows you to stream his new album, featuring a cut with Chance The Rapper. Take it all in on the Skrillex website!

    5. News : Inbox Crawl – Tuesday Freelegalities and Teasers

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      A TON of important records and singles are hitting the Internet this week, including a handful of big teasers and preorder sets. Let’s take a gander at what the world is making!

    6. News : Tim Held Releases New Album, ‘Alb(L)um’

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      Seattle electronic artist Tim Held dropped a cool surprise on us today by releasing his new album, ‘Alb(L)um’ early. Listen or buy it on Bandcamp, and check out Tim Held’s SoundCloud account for other cool stuff!

    7. News : Of Montreal Debut NSFW Video for ‘Fugitive Air’, Now on Fall US Tour

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      Georgian band of Montreal has debuted a music video for Fugitive Air, the first single off the new album ‘Lousy With Sylvianbriar’. The NSFW video was shot by the band in Florida and Mexico, and is now available on YouTube with an age restriction. In the words of The Huffington Post, “be warned that a penis does make its way into the frame at a few points throughout the video.”

    8. News : Moving Units’ ‘Neurotic Exotic’ Album & Tour Dates

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      Listed as “post-punk-indie-dance”, the Los Angeles based band Moving Units released their new album, ‘Neurotic Exotic’ earlier today. The group is preparing to depart on a West-ish Coast tour tomorrow, and will make it to Seattle this Saturday, 9/14, for an all ages show at El Corazon. Find out more about the El Corazon show on the Facebook event page, or check out the band and the new album on the official Moving Units page!