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    1. Album Reviews : The Classic Crime – What Was Done, Volume 1

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      To celebrate 10 years as a band, Seattle’s The Classic Crime is releasing the highly anticipated What Was Done: Volume 1 on October 27th (today!) through BadChristian music. The album is a collection of fan favorites through the years, rearranged as acoustic songs or reinterpreted with the band’s added years of experience.

    2. Album Review : Reflektor – Arcade Fire

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      If you have ever wanted or needed an album with more than one six plus minute song, this album is for you. Arcade Fire’s “Reflektor” not only captives the lost concept of an album as an art form rather than a grouping of singles, but it joins this seemingly perfect union between the real and unreal with popping synth and echoing lyrics. It’s a surprisingly twisted fantasy wrapped into two six track albums in one. Confused yet?

    3. Album Review : Keeping Secrets – Press On (EP)

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      Finding your own sound is a challenging task for most bands, yet Seattle/Tacoma’s own Keeping Secrets have overcome that challenge and found a sound that fits them perfectly. With a combination of new ideas and older nuances, the band showcases this perfect mixture on their newest EP “Press On,” and it is sure to please the ears of many. While the EP lacks length, Keeping Secrets manages to keep the listener at full attention with every note played.

    4. Album Review : Into the Flood – Vices

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      With the title “Angriest Christian band”, Seattle, WA’s Into the Flood prove why they deserve that title with their debut album “Vices” which was released on Century Media records June 11th. Now, along with that title comes the opinion that the band must be purely about hate, but that is where the twist comes in. The band is all about Jesus and the love they have for Him, along with a positive outlook on life and the events that come with it. Into the Flood set themselves apart from the normal sounds of the Metal-core scene with every track on this album. Vocalist Brendan Wilson describes the sound and theme of the album as “positively pissed off,” with songs varying from the hatred once felt of a betraying friend or a destructive ex-relationship. This impressive debut album will be one to remember in the dying music scene.

    5. Album Review : Great American Ghost – Great American Ghost

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      Thrash/Hardcore band Great American Ghost have made a name for themselves already, and don’t plan on stopping any time soon. Hailing from Boston, MA, the band formed in March 2012.

    6. Album Review : Senses Fail – Renacer

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      You see Senses Fail and place yourself back to the glory days of high school and immediately think “how is this band still around?” The album is titled “Renacer”–which in Spanish means “to be reborn”–and that meaning fits this album to a T.

    7. Album Review : Vanna – The Few and the Far Between

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      There is a chance–a risk a band takes when they start to grow as a band, and with that growth their sound starts to change as well. “The Few and the Far Between” is the product of Vanna’s growth, and it is angry and seeking recognition.

    8. Album Review : Tear Out The Heart – Violence

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      With addictive choruses that will remain with you for days and monumental breakdowns, Tear Out The Heart have a very promising career ahead of them. Signing with Victory Records in August 2012, the band is looking to have their name plastered everywhere with their debut album “Violence.”

    9. Album Review : Gift Giver – Daddy Issues

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      Their name may make you laugh, but after hearing their EP “Daddy Issues” that smile will surely disappear.

    10. Album Review : The Plot In You – Could You Watch Your Children Burn

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      The Plot In You has always been known to bring the dark, dirty and angry side of music out on their albums. After listening to the album, it’s very clear from the start they haven’t missed a beat.