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  • New Music Roundup: Christmas Eve Edition

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    In an effort to specialize New Music Roundup content a bit more, #NMR will focus more on the great new music that is local to the Pacific Northwest. We’ve got a hearty batch of stuff to go through, so let’s hit it!

    First up, Seattle quintet The West released their new 3-track EP, ‘Clock Is Ticking’, last week on Bandcamp. They’ve got digital downloads available, as well as limited edition cassettes. This is a great trio of songs, and well worth a listen. Keep up with the band on Facebook, and stay on the lookout for more news on them. We’re definitely going to be covering this exciting band in the future.

    Tacoma metal quartet Dissimulator posted a new song, Stray From The Leper last night. The track is from their upcoming album, ‘This Is Darkness’. Listen below on YouTube, catch Dissimulator on Facebook, and download the song freelegally, courtesy of the band!

    Hey Marseilles posted a live video of their sweet little Healthcare awareness song, Go Health YourselfWatch it below!

    New Heights covered Chvrches’ song, Recover, this week in the newest video series installment.

    Into The Flood posted a drum playthrough video. These are always fun to watch:

    Down in California, Dayseeker posted a live video of their song Black Earth. I’ll let the video do the talking.

    And, last but certainly not least, we want to tease Made In Heights, a new project between the Blue Scholars’ Sabzi and Kelsey Bulkin. The duo is now based in LA, but with Sabzi’s PNW roots and the fantastic quality of music, we definitely wanted to showcase it. We’ll do a formal introduction later on, but for now flip through the Made In Heights website and get some plays on their SoundCloud player there.

    That’s it for this installment of #NMR. Happy holidays, and thanks for reading!

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