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  • First Look – Verlaine “St. Marks”

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    Seattle’s Verlaine is back at it with new material. Less than a year after their debut full-length The Open Sea dropped, Verlaine reached out to us for a preview of the first single, titled “St. Marks”. Freshly signed to MP45 Records, this talented quartet found a comfortable and natural sound last year and is forging Verlaine anew in 2015.

    While “St. Marks” isn’t a departure in writing quality or musicianship, it is a bold stylistic move. Frontman Dan Cole’s voice is as confident and clear as ever, matched with aggressive guitar parts from lead guitarist Kevin Woerner. The same tight bass and drum work familiar from The Open Sea returns courtesy of bassist Jonathan Young and drummer Jon Wood. Building tense, dramatic verses into sweeping choruses, Verlaine demonstrates a continued growth in writing that will leave listeners impatient for the next release. As if strong writing and great studio work wasn’t enough, “St. Marks” was mixed by Bryan Laurenson of Copeland.

    Watch the teaser video below, and look out for the single release announcement this Friday, March 6th!

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