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Genre: Indie/Alt-Rock
From: Seattle, WA
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On a typical rainy Saturday evening in Ballard, bars are packed to the brim with people trying to stay warm and socialized. The Sunset, a popular hole in the wall, is no different. In the re-purposed Chinese restaurant, local indie super group, Verlaine (Dan ColeForever Changed, Jonathan YoungThe Myriad, Kevin Woernertwothirtyeight, and Jonathan WoodDrypoint), graces the crowd of music enthusiasts with their first full length record, The Open Sea.

Although the guys come from all corners of the U.S., Verlaine’s birthplace was Seattle, and this is very evident in their music. With vocals reminiscent of Chris Martin meets World Leader Pretend’s Keith Ferguson, driving, yet smooth drums, moody synths, and subtly intense guitars — the “Seattle Sound” is alive and well in this band.

Tracks you definitely need to check out:
Eyes Wide Open
Lonely Survive

Grab their new record on vinyl here!

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