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    WASI is an eclectic pop/rock/punk outfit from California. They combine acts like Tegan and Sara with angst filled punk anthems to create a happy dance genre they define as ‘Riot Pop.’ They just recently released a music video for their song ‘And The World.’ The group is also very fun to talk to, and I was lucky enough to catch a few words with them. Read the interview below.

    Hello WASI! Welcome to Rain City Ambience, who am I writing with today?

    WASI: With all of us: Carlo, Cosmo and Jessie

    I just have to say, there is something about your music that is so addicting. I mean, it is the kind of music you pull over on the side of the road to dance to. What is the secret ingredient?

    It’s the secret ratio between alpine herbs, SoCal beach sand and blood, sweat and tears gathered from various DIY venues around the country that make our music what it is.

    Then you top it off with some soy sauce.

    Will there ever be a WASI and Ke$ha tour?

    Yeah, we’d be so down!!

    L.A.’s subcultures always seem to collide really well, especially in the music scene. What is it about the city that breeds such a unique scene?

    LA has a history of being a very inclusive city that welcomes transplants from all over the world. So many movements and ideas have been sparked here! The city is so big, it holds space for everybody. It’s also incredibly diverse, which gives so much room for people to find their space and community.

    How does the songwriting process go for the band?

    Carlo: Jessie and Cosmo usually come up with melodies and lyrical ideas which we all arrange together.

    Jess: I play bass live, but start writing with the synth which I think brings in the pop influence. A lot of the times I listen to really great songs I love at the moment and draw inspiration from that.

    Cosmo: The lyrics come with the melody, and that whole beginning process when we know we’re onto a good song is just about going with what feels right. That’s usually based off of a trigger, be it a memory, something someone said in line while ordering coffee, or just people-watching while stuck in rush hour traffic.

    What is your favorite kind of pizza?

    Carlo: Veggie Pizza

    Cosmo: Mushroom & Pepperoni – thin crust

    Jess: Any slice at Joe’s Pizza in Hollywood

    Favorite class you took at college?

    Carlo: I was fortunate enough to study music. My favorite classes were the drum set and recording ensemble ones.

    Cosmo: I changed my major about a dozen times, from math to film, etc… but I ended up graduating in Women’s Studies… one of my favorite classes being Gender and Music. Not only did it really open up my mind on how we see and hear music in regards to sex and gender, but it’s also the one class that let me academically write about artists such as MIA and Kathleen Hanna. That was pretty f***ing fun.

    Jess: My favorite class was Interior Design Studio II. Somehow I got into this class without taking ANY of the required and recommended prerequisites… so within the first few minutes was completely lost. I did end up finishing the class while finding that I was pretty passionate about it!!

    What is up next in the year for WASI?

    We have some exciting shows coming up, and there’s the idea of touring Europe that’s floating around. We’re definitely releasing an EP towards Fall which we are really excited about!

    Last words?

    We hope to be back in Seattle soon!!! <3

    Sean Gonzalez


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