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  • Tangerine – Capitol Hill Block Party Preview

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    Tangerine is a Seattle indie pop-rock quartet that has got some major flare. Glittering with sweet vocals by Marika Justad, pulsing beats by Miro Justad, driving bass lines provided by Ryan Baker, and vintage-y guitar riffs by Toby Kuhn – these freshly squeezed tunes will get you on your feet and dancing in no time (whether that be a slow-dance, or happy-go-lucky dance, Tangerine has got you covered). If Urban Outfitters ever needed a custom soundtrack for their store, Tangerine would be the perfect fit.

    Here is a preview of the band before you catch their set this weekend at Capitol Hill Block Party, or Labor Day Weekend at Bumbershoot.

    Amanda: You guys have had a whirlwind year so far. From SXSW, to having a song on MTV’s Awkward, and getting booked for the two largest Seattle festivals (CHBP and Bumbershoot); what have been your favorite moments so far?

    Ryan: My favorite moment was just realizing how much I love touring – being on the road is all I want to do now, and I had no idea if I’d enjoy it or not.

    Toby: Tour was definitely the most fun, I expected that, but it’s good to have some proof, it’s certainly what I want to spend most of my time doing. Also I ended up watching Awkward just to organically get to the point where our song was played, and that was pretty satisfying, not sure if I’d watch that show otherwise.

    Miro: Watching our family grow a little larger show by show, day by day.

    Marika: I think playing SXSW was my favorite moment so far. It was our first show of our first tour. It was hot and chaotic, and all the myths about the festival, both the good and the bad, ended up being true.

    A: Tangerine has a pretty surf-y sound, and you all are from a not-so-surfy town. Where do you get your musical influences?

    R: Personally, I just vibe off whatever the band is creating. Obviously there are certain bands and bassists that are fun for me to channel, but when we’re writing it feels pretty self-contained.

    T: I’m always confused by that, being labeled surf-y, cause I guess I get it, but I’m never consciously going there, and I’m pretty sure no one else in the group is either. The short list of my favorite musical groups is… the Pixies, Ivy, The Strokes, The Martinis, Dr. Dre (his beats), The Clash, Breeders, Madonna, Beck and I like Weezer, and I wouldn’t consider any of those groups surfy right?

    Mi: I’m always dreaming of being somewhere beautiful and sunny and I think that I subconsciously channel that strong desire into my music and upbeat drum grooves.

    Ma: I think miro pretty much summed it up. We’re all PNW born and raised and I think a yearning for bluer skies gets unconsciously translated into our music because of that.

    A: You have quite a few festivals under your belts. Which are your favorites to play so far? Favorites to attend?

    R: We played at Treefort Music Festival in Boise, ID and that was a rad fest! The staff is super nice to artists, greatly curated, cool venues. In terms of attending festivals, CHBP is definitely up there.

    T: Yeah treefort has to take the cake, the dude who curated it gave us a sweet spot, the artist food and drinks situation was just bangin, and it was the last show of our tour so we were allowed to totally enjoy ourselves iffff you know what I mean.

    Mi: SXSW was pretty crazy, I think just being in Texas for the first time (and surviving) was eye-opening.

    Ma: Playing Memorial Stadium for Bumbershoot is probably the craziest thing we’ve signed up for so far. Other than that, I can’t really choose!

    A: Do you have any pre/post-show rituals as a band?

    R: Not really, other than figuring out who’s going to be DD for the night.

    T: Ditto.

    Mi: I do a power stance!

    Ma: I tend to be very withdrawn and quiet before shows. Once we’re done and I have that rush, I’m up for anything but until then I’m kind of no fun

    A: Top 3 bands you are most excited to see at CHBP?

    R: Wanna check out the hype around The War on Drugs, Kithkin is always fun, and then A$AP Rocky. Basically I want to be hyped for hours.

    T: Dude York, Wolfgang Fuck cause…. what a name, and Dum Dum Girls.

    Mi: Dum Dum Girls, Dude York, and Raz Simone.

    Ma: Dum Dum Girls, Raz Simone, Shaprece. I can only afford to go the day we play so I’m limiting my list to other Sunday acts ha ha.

    A: When can we expect your next record?

    R: We can’t tell you just quite yet.

    T: Big secrets!

    Mi: Meowwww.

    Ma: We’re premiering it on mars like Will.i.am.

    A: What was the last song you listened to?

    R: Just listened to the new Shabazz Palaces record, it slaps.

    T: “Fuck The World” by Tupac, will never get tired of this album.

    Mi: “Holili” by Miriam Makeba off of Mama Africa. I love african music!

    Ma: “Never 2 Far” off of Eminem’s 1996 debut LP, Infinite. No shock tactics or misogyny, just heartfelt lyrics and a great flow. This song gets me pumped on life.

    Check out Tangerine, Sunday, July 27th on the Vera Stage at 2:00pm.

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