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    Post Paradise is an alternative rock group from Fort Collins, Colorado. Their sound is defined by the infusion of rock with a cello, giving the band a unique taste to their compositions. The group released a new track earlier this year titled “Ordinary”, which features a quick pace and catchy vocal melodies. Rain City Ambience had a chance to talk with the band about the upcoming year and what the Colorado life can be like.

    Post Paradise, welcome to the Rain City Ambience. How are you today and who am I writing with?

    This is Nick, I sing and play guitar in Post Paradise. I woke up pretty early today, but in spite of that I’m doing pretty well!

    I was raised in Denver (the Tech Center to be more precise) and have been driven CRAZY by the amount of people moving to Colorado, any thoughts on the matter?

    I think there are definitely a lot of new people moving to town for the nature, the music, the tech industry and probably the overall vibe. This is a thriving community right now and that’s just attracting more and more people. As long as they’re cool then I’m cool with it.

    How did a song like ‘Ordinary’ come about? The cello work is fantastic!

    Thank you! I’m sure Amy would love to hear that. There’s not a lot of cello out there in the same vein that we’re doing it so we’re trying to blaze new territory. There’s the classical approach of course and there are the ‘cello metal’ bands, but we’re trying to reach that middle ground. ‘Ordinary’ has the fast and aggressive cello in the verses and choruses and then a feature in the bridge which is very slow and melodic – a little bit of everything.

    The song ‘Ordinary’ really came about because we wanted to write something high energy. It started with the main opening riff as most of our songs do and we just built on it from there. We did many, many rewrites and little adjustments while we were in the studio, but once we heard the mix we knew we were onto something! We’re so proud of every part of that song.

    Are you guys able to shed any light on the upcoming full length/documentary?

    We’ve actually split the full length into a pair of EPs so they’ll be 6 songs each. It just seemed to make more sense based on what we want to accomplish in the next year. It gives us some more breathing room doing the release schedule like that. They’ll have a matching theme too which I’m really excited about. The whole project has a lot of high energy love songs. Our goal was to push ourselves into new territory and really have fun with it. The first EP should be available in September, and hopefully the second half will be early next year.

    The documentary is something that Colorado State University put together as a companion piece to the recent Smithsonian exhibit on our hometown of Fort Collins, Colorado. They asked us to provide the soundtrack, a live performance and I even got a small speaking part in it. The whole crew putting it together is incredible; I can’t wait to see how it turns out. They’re doing a big premiere on September 17th on their campus in Fort Collins and we’ll be playing a set afterwards. We’re told it’ll be going out to film fests after that so we’ve got our fingers crossed that it’s well received.

    What album released this year has been one you have constantly been spinning?

    There are quite a few actually… I’d have to say Descensus by Circa Survive has probably gotten played the most in my world this year. I’m always expecting something from that band and then they give me something totally different that I enjoy even more. I love rock music and I’m constantly looking for things that surprise me within the genre. That record took my mind to a lot of new places.

    If you guys could see one band that is not around anymore, who would it be?

    That’s another really tough one… and it’s even harder for me to speak for the rest of the band. For more modern times I think Silverchair in their ‘Diorama’ record era would’ve been rad. Or I could go way back and say the Beatles, or Nirvana for that matter. It’s waaaaay too hard to pick just one.

    Favorite toppings to put on a pizza?

    I’m a pepperoni and black olives kinda guy for sure.

    What else is there to look forward to this year for Post Paradise?

    We’ll finally be back on the road a little in September. We’ve only played out of state sporadically since SXSW so I’m definitely getting a little antsy. Also, we’re shooting a video later this week and I’m really excited about that! Lots of things going on, all good stuff, but it’s definitely making my head spin.

    Any last words?

    I love to give a shout out to our local scene in Northern Colorado and encourage anyone reading to support their local bands and venues. It’s so important that bands have a place to grow and thrive and get better and better at doing what they do. I’m so happy with where Post Paradise is right now as a band and I really believe that starting in Colorado had a huge part of it. Our local fans are amazing and do so much to make us feel loved!

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