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  • Plaid Brixx Interview

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    Chris Duggan formed Plaid Brixx in 2013. The Ohio (now) quartet plays synth rock well. Duggan has an extensive set of tools for recording and playing that help his music stand out. The catchy song ‘Chemistry’ is their first single, and the music video is even catchier. I had the chance to interview Duggan, and below he displays his well versed acumen.

    Hello Plaid Brixx, who am I writing with today? 

    Hi there, Chris Duggan here. I am the songwriter for the band and I also play guitar and sing. The other members of the band are Cole Bradley (bass), Mark Smith (drums) and Andrew Willard (synth).

    I have to start off and compliment the lyric music video for ‘Chemistry’, I feel like the colors and low-fi look really complement the music, who decided on that acidic green? 

    That acidic green color is amongst my favorite colors, as well as royal purple. We do a lot of the band’s promotional material in those colors. I am glad you like it!

    The heavy and bubbly synthesizers are really dynamic, allowing for a party to take place in a rock song. Is the synth a part of your live show?

    I am really pleased to say that we just brought a synth/keys player into the band, so synth will definitely be a part of our live shows from here on out. Be on the lookout for new band pictures!



    Heartbreaker is a rockin song, I really dig the low end of the synthesizer. Does Plaid Brixx take any influence from Muse?

    Absolutely. We all love Muse. I have seen them live a bunch of times and they are one of my favorite bands. Another band favorite is Blink-182. We actually started playing together when we were kids because of our love for their music.

    Being from Ohio, are you a fan of Lebron James right now?

    I am a soccer fan / player myself, but let’s just say all of my friends who follow the Cavs are super stoked.

     How has the reception been for ‘Chemistry’? The EP and single?

    The reception has been overwhelmingly positive. We are so thankful to all those who have supported us. The Chemistry single is gaining a lot of traction for us and the EP is getting outstanding reviews!

    Are there any tours scheduled for the rest of the year?

    We have a Midwest tour booked right now for this fall. We are playing Kent State University, The Agora in Cleveland as part of the Day & Night Festival (previously known as the Cleveland Music Festival), The Fashion Meets Music Festival in Columbus, as well as shows in Cincinnati and Detroit. All the details are on plaidbrixx.com!

    Any last words?

    As a band that has just released our first EP, we really appreciate your support in getting the word out about our music. We hope you and our fans love listening to the music as much as we love to make it.


    Thanks to you as well!

    Sean Gonzalez


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