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    Life in Film is currently on tour with The Wombats, and we had a chance to catch up with them beforehand! See them live at The Neptune on Tuesday, 5/19.

    Hello guys! Thanks for taking the time to chat with RCA, we’re stoked to have you guys play Seattle! Congratulations on the release of “Here it Comes,” I’ve had it on loop the past couple days.

    It has such a pleasantly fun retro vibe, and yet still sounds fresh off the press. What kind of musical or non-musical influences did you guys have while writing and recording this record?

    Life in Film: It’s kind of an amalgamation of our life experiences to this point so there’s far too many influences to list but its definitely inspired by love and loss and stuff like that.

    How has touring with the awesome Wombats been?

    LIF: It’s been an incredible experience all round. They’re great guys and so are the other support band cheerleader so we’re all having a good laugh. All the fans that come to see them are a lot of fun and have been really receptive to us, which we’re very grateful for.

    What do you guys miss most about home while on tour?

    LIF: Micky misses his dog and everyone else misses English tea, baked beans and marmite on toast.

    Do you guys notice any big differences in the music scene back at home compared to the shows you’ve played in America?

    LIF: There’s a lot of energy and enthusiasm over here and it makes playing live a really enjoyable experience.

    Favorite new foods you guys have had while on the road?

    We had a Philly cheese steak three weeks ago. We are still recovering! We all had an outstanding lobster roll in New York! Something we will never forget.

    Best concert you’ve been to recently?

    LIF: We saw The Wombats the other day. They are pretty good!

    Describe Life in Film in three to five words for people that have never heard of you guys.

    LIF: Breaking sticks and kissing chicks.

    What is your favorite song off of “Here it Comes” to play live?

    LIF:We love playing Forest Fire. Lighters (iPhone lights) in the air. A nice sizzle mid set.

    What was the last song you listened to?

    LIF: Fugazi – Foremans Dog

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