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    How has the tour been so far?
    Nick Ghanbarian: Weird to say, it’s relaxing, but that’s how I would describe it. There were no first day jitters or anything like that because we know all the guys in all the bands on tour. We started the tour in venues and cities we have played numerous times. It just is really relaxing and comfortable out here.

    You guys recently released a new single, “Already Gone”. How has the reaction been so far? Was there a reason you chose to have this song be the single from the new album?
    Nick Ghanbarian: ‘Already Gone’ was the first new song anyone heard from us in a few years when we initially released it for free last year. After we finished using ‘Sick Sick Sick’ as the first single, we wanted another heavy fast rock song, and already gone fits the description. At this point in our lives, a “single” doesn’t really do us any good unless its making us new fans, so this song is a great representation of us.

    What is/are your favorite track(s) off of “Killing Time”?
    Nick Ghanbarian: We just recently starting playing the title track, and its turned out to be a really great live song and the crowd is reacting really well to it.

    Tell me about Gil Norton and the influence he had on you guys in the studio. Was there a specific reason you decided to work with him on this album?
    Nick Ghanbarian: We have always wanted to work with Gil, he is one of the best around. After working with him, I see why bands like The Pixies and Foo Fighters have used his services numerous times. The best way I can describe how he handles his duties is it’s all work and all play at the same time. That atmosphere really lends itself to making a great record.

    What’s your favorite city to play in? Any place you’d like to tour that you haven’t yet?
    Nick Ghanbarian: We have been across America and back so many times, it’s hard to pick a few cities that stand out. Some cities stand out because they’re great cities and some cities stand out because the shows are great. We just love it when people come to our shows and interact with us, that makes for a successful show for us. Of course places like LA, Philadelphia and Chicago are great, but a small city in the middle of no where could be great for us if the fans at the shows are great.

    Out of all the tours you’ve been on, which one is your favorite?
    Nick Ghanbarian: There are a few that stick out to me: ’09 warped tour and tours we have done with New Found Glory, Anberlin and Bouncing Souls. Great tours consist of great bands with great people in them as well as great shows.

    If you could have a conversation with the person you were when you were first starting Bayside, what would you tell yourself?
    Nick Ghanbarian: Expect to work hard and get a moderate result back, and learn to be happy with it. We have never been a band that was ever overly successful to where we could be comfortable and take our heads out of the game for a bit. We work a lot on our band just to be where we are.

    Along those same lines, what advice would you give to bands that are trying to make a name for themselves in the music industry?
    Nick Ghanbarian: Just concentrate on great music, don’t worry about what is successful or trendy right now. Make music you love, have great influences and be happy to make, even $5 off your art. Most bands never even make that.

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    Katie is a writer and photographer for Rain City Ambience.

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