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  • The Wild

    A Finite Number Of Years

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    Rating: 7/10

    Key Tracks: "Just A Memory,"

    As crystal clear as the water in the artwork, The Wild‘s debut EP A Finite Number Of Years opens with ‘Just A Memory,’ featuring bright acoustics and luscious melodies. The tone is really fitting for the vocal style, which is rare considering the falsetto taking dominance on the track. But it is not the impressive high pitched frequencies and relatively light music that holds this song together. No, Jake Weholt beckons, “The world’s still here and we’re alive so lets all calm down,” and then a pulse is felt. The background synths limp the song forward until the drum beat captures the entire feel. It is this slight delicacy that made the song ridiculously catchy,  allowing for more impact when the rest of the instruments cut out to the guitar again.

    This particular singer-songwriter out of Seattle is much better focused with his vocal harmonies, as on ‘Grown.’ The song is extremely personal. Close your eyes and it feels like Weholt is behind you, lullabying a sensation of calm. Imagine walking down a railroad track and being picked up by a train in the adventurous ‘Monsters’The folk feel asks you to sing aloud with the group vocals, “cause the empire falls to its knees, and says please help us, the world deserves a place for us, a special ring in hell.” Addictive and touching, just the way a interpersonal song between artist and music should be.

    The slow picked notes of The House are somber, introspective, and bring an emotional pull to the music along with the captivating vocals. ‘The Boredom,’ although extremely lo-fi and twangy, is an example of the singer’s sound remiscent of Elliott Smith. The mix can be difficult and off putting on this particular track, but the musical sounds and tones are what to pay attention too. ‘Doing Just Fine’ is different in the fact that it is slower paced, instead of the upbeat strums found on other acoustic tracks, this song is moodier with the steady pace.

    Seattle’s own The Wild released a stellar EP earlier this year. A Finite Number Of Years exposes Jake Weholt’s talents and makes sure his presence in the industry is at least tapped into. Some of the songs are extremely lo-fi, but others shine with their elaborate mixes and intricate musical notations. Check out the EP on bandcamp.

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