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    Paint It Golden

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    All that glitters is apparently gold. Whatever it may be, Lydia, after their temporary termination in 2010, is back and whatever they seem to touch turns to solid gold. This Tuesday, October 4, 2011, they will release “Paint It Golden,” their first full length album since 2008. As time has gone by and life has continued, Leighton Antelman (Lead Vocals, guitar) and Craig Taylor (drums), the only remaining members, along with producer Matt Malpass have resurrected a sacred treasure found in the musical genius known as the band Lydia. The new album is long over due but so worth the wait.

    The first track, “Hailey,” begins with a solemn piano progression lead in with guitar picking licked along side. Leighton’s words echo more than just lyrics but somehow connect to the inner most being of the soul. “Hailey if you’re out there/I hope you make it through to December.” The plead for whomever the song was inspired by opens up the listener to the stage the album has set.

    The most exquisite song on the album has to be “Skin + Bones.” It’s toxic sound pulsates through bloodless veins streaming. “I’ve been out of my mind for some time now,” they sing in multiple circles. The first instinct, while hearing the title itself, brings back that time in life when everything was skin and bones. It seemed to take me to that time when I was holding on to nothing but skin and bones; I was holding on to the crumbling reality set before me. The song is sacred as the whole album is sacred.

    Other tracks worth mentioning are “Eat Your Heart Out,” “Get It Right,” “I’ll Bite You,” and “Birds.” These songs not only reach inside the mellow part of the busy heart, but they wrap the mind into some sort of trance like state. Don’t be shocked after listening to the album if your mind wanders to thoughts of your first kiss or the first time you realized the world was bigger than just you. Lydia does this strange thing that no other band seems to do. They make their music much more than just, “Oh, I relate to these lyrics.” They take you to a relatable memory or dream much deeper than surface value. They bring you to an emotion deeper inside you than you can experience first hand. They make you want to dance. They make you want to cry. They are liquid GOLD rising from beneath the Indie Underground.

    If there was a dance, or a dream, that brought back the best time of your whole life, this album has captured that. The guys of Lydia have a special talent that has somehow been overlooked for the past few years. As the band resurrects from slumber, this new record proves that Lydia is willing to put everything on the table in the name of music to once again be vulnerable to their fans. Any album that puts me in a vulnerable spot where I actually produce real tears induced by thoughts of painful and sacred memories while also leaving me with a resounding joy in my soul certainly deserves the highest of fives and the highest of praise. “Paint It Golden” is certainly deserving of the gold medal for taking something great and making it… greater? No, making it GOLDEN!

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