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  • The Home Team

    Black Sheep EP

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    Rating: 8/10

    Key Tracks: Clean This, Ghosts Of My Youth, I Signed My Own Death Warrant

    It’s always a good time scoping the diverse talent present in Seattle, and local quintet The Home Team is the latest in a string of great bands we’ve had the honor of reviewing! Led by vocalist Jairod Collins and filled out by guitarists John Baran and Nick Alzate, bassist Alex Larson and drummer Daniel Matson, this experienced outfit’s new EP ‘Black Sheep’ is a promising 5-track that joins the intensity of throwback pop punk with an updated, modern sound.

    Opener Somebody Poisoned The Wishing Well is a thunderous introduction to the band’s style. Collins leads the charge with a strong showing for vocals, hinting Brandon Urie or Patrick Stump at times without risking Fall Out Boy’s high whine. Prominent bass and drum parts are immediately noticeable, building a foundation for the tight riffage that both guitarists spin throughout the record.

    Second track Never Tell Me The Odds keeps the pressure on, a beefy rock cut that displays more of the band’s flexibility. Musically, The Home Team is reminiscent of older genre acts like Truce or early The Wedding (anyone remember them?!), assembling punchy songs with flashy fretwork, tight rhythmic shifts, and touches of tasteful screaming. Moving toward the middle of the EP, the band takes an emotional stride with standouts Clean This and Ghosts Of My Youth, both tracks skewing modern rock with excellent pop punk vestiges.

    Album closer I Signed My Own Death Warrant is the chuggiest of the bunch, showcasing beautifully complex guitar parts and slick harmonies over a driving rock foundation. All told, every song on this short EP is well written, well performed, and confidently delivered, making The Home Team an exciting local band to watch. Catch The Home Team with fellow local bands Truth Under Attack and Numbers  4/18 at the Old Redmond Firehouse!

    Anthony Chang


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