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    1. News : Watch Will Ferrell Drum-Off Against RHCP Drummer Chad Smith

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      Jimmy Fallon’s been turning up the heat on The Tonight Show lately, featuring lip syncs with the biggest stars, nip syncs (you read that right), and now, a drum-off between uncanny lookalike celebs Will Ferrell and Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith. The result: hilarious. Watch now!

    2. News : ICYMI – Emma Stone’s Lip Syncing Wipes The Floor With Jimmy Fallon

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      Jimmy Fallon’s Lip Sync Battle segment has been a great source of laughs for a while now, but Emma Stone’s recent effort against the grizzled lip sync champ is a whole new level of late night television. Watch after the jump.

    3. News : This Week on Late Night 10/14-10/18

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      Sorry guys for the lack of postage. IT IS FALL! Which means, LATE NIGHT TELEVISION!!!!!!!!! This week, we got some good stuff.

      Who are you wanting to watch this week?

    4. News : This Week on Late Night 5/20-5/24

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      THEY’RE BACK! This week, we get the opportunity to see our favorite late-90s band 30 Seconds to Mars on TWO late night television shows. The season is winding down! Be sure to check out these bands on late-night TV.

    5. News : This Week on Late Night 5/13-5/17

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      This week has been a week from HELL on television. Networks have been giving the big ol’ axe to shows we have grown to love or completely forgot about. Prime time TV shows like The New Normal, 90210, and Smash have their expiration dates in place. The cool thing

    6. News : This week on Late Night 4/29-5/3

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      If you like late night TV as much as I do (and THANK GOD, they are on Hulu when I can’t stay up), then check out this list. There are some up-and-coming bands/artists this week on late night mixed in with some oldies but goodies. Tune in, support these artists, and let us know who you’re most excited to watch this week in the comments!