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    I recently had the chance to talk to the boys of Mouth Of The South, one of my favorite new Facedown bands hailing from Arlington, Texas. Just one more reason not to mess with Texas. Read on for thoughts on touring, the massive new record Struggle Well, and life with Facedown.

    Anthony Chang: It looks like Mouth Of The South has been around for a few years now. What was formation like for the band, and what inspired the band name?

    MOTS: We started in January of 2007. The original members just wanted to write music as friends and have fun with it. As the years have gone on we’ve been through quite a few member changes and the sound has been through some changes as well. The name comes from an energy drink can that said Mouth of the South on it and we figured it was a good name for a southern metal band. With all the changes in the band we kept the name cause we figured whether people hated it or liked it they’d probably still remember it.

    AC: I’ve been blasting Struggle Well since it came out, and it goes HARD. What number album is this for you guys? What was production and writing like for it? 

    MOTS: We’ve put out two EP’s and one other full length. The whole creative process was a lot different than it had been in the past. We took a lot more time with these songs and we were a lot more picky about what we felt like was good enough to end up on the album. As far as production, we recorded at Glow in the Dark Studios in Atlanta. This was a dream come true for us. A lot of our favorite bands have recorded there so it was surreal getting to record in the same rooms that the bands we grew up on recorded in. Actually recording was awesome as well. We’ve only recorded in home studios before so it was a really huge step up. Matt had tons of great input and really helped maintain the raw feel of the album that we wanted. I’d love to go back there in the future.

    AC: What gear (guitars, amps, pedals, etc) did you guys use? I’m always curious about that.

    MOTS: We messed around with a number of different things, but the majority of the album was recorded through a EVH 5153 head, and on a Les Paul. I can’t recall all the pedals because Matt was putting us through so many that I couldn’t possibly remember them all.

    AC: How’s reception for the album so far, both on the road and online?

    MOTS: The album did way better than we expected it to. It generated a lot of hype, which is super exciting. Most importantly, it really seems like this album is blessing people and ministering to hearts. That’s what we were praying that it would do from day one. And honestly, that’s the only thing that really matters. We’re so grateful that God chooses to work his power and grace through our band. Overall we’re pretty messed up and dysfunctional individuals, but God’s faithfulness is much bigger than our unfaithfulness.

    AC: One of my favorite songs on the new record is ‘Simply Grace’, and I love how much it stands out from the other heavy tracks. What the process like in writing such a powerfully poetic piece?

    MOTS: Our friend Jeremy Ottens has a poetry project called Brother Friend. We go to church with him and have played some shows with him. He’s very close to us, and his poetry is VERY good. He’s a total genius with words. We knew that we wanted to have him on the album and that it could be a really cool thing. We decided to give him a whole track to himself. Him and myself (Mike) just sat down together and did our thing. The end product of that track come out so well. And it really shakes people up in an awesome way. I’m so grateful for the way it turned out.

    AC: How’s life with Facedown? I’ve been keeping tabs on Facedown for a while now, and the artists (including yourselves) are all incredible acts.

    MOTS: Facedown has really surpassed our expectations. They really run their business well. They’ve done nothing but show us incredible support, and we’ve become really close with a lot of the bands on the label. We couldn’t be happier being on Facedown. It’s a dream come true.

    AC: What are your…

    Favorite tour snacks? Favorite tour stops this time around? Favorite tour memories?

    MOTS: We frequently get corn nuts from gas stations on the road. Also, sweet chili Doritos. Those are by far the best flavor and I’m pretty sure we don’t have them in Texas.  Our favorite places to stop through are definitely Albuquerque and Nashville, simply because we such close friends in both of those places. As far as our favorite tour memory goes, we played this show in Maryland last spring and it was one of the most spiritual shows we’ve ever been a part of. After the show, everyone was praying for each other and rejoicing in the spirit. Nothing beats that kind of night.

    AC: Any big plans coming up for the rest of the year? Last comments? 

    MOTS: We have two music videos that we are planning to release over the course of the next couple months as well as some other goodies. Other than that we’re just shopping tours and seeing what we can get. Thanks for the interview!

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