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    England-bred songstress Gabrielle Aplin just wrapped up her first US tour with great success and an increasing fan base at the tender age of 21. She’s about to embark on a slew of European stops for her English Rain tour in the midst of writing her second album. Get inside the mind of this wonderful lyricist and find out what female vocalist is her inspiration!

    Is this your first run of US tour dates? How has your experience in America been so far?
    America was great. What I love about it is that it’s such a big place, so each state is different, there’s always something different to do or see.

    Your album English Rain has been gaining a lot of positive feedback—what are your thoughts about it being so globally accepted?
    I’m so grateful that English Rain has allowed me to travel as much as it has!

    It must be pretty exciting to have your songs featured on hit shows such as Teen Wolf and Made in Chelsea, yeah?
    Very. I love how music works with film or TV and it’s great that mine has been considered for shows such as these.

    You collaborated with Bastille to do an amazing rendition of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams”, how did that come about?
    Well, Dan and I knew each other through some mutual friends. We just decided to meet up for a day and see what we could come up with and “Dreams” was it!

    Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?
    Hmm I’m not too sure! At the moment I am concentrating solely on writing my second album.

    What made you choose to cover Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s “The Power of Love”? It’s a very unlikely choice but you made it work so well!
    Thank you! I actually covered “The Power of Love” for a Christmas commercial in the UK for John Lewis. I was a massive fan of their ad campaigns so I jumped at the chance of recording a cover for it.

    Are there any female vocalists you draw inspiration from?
    I love Joni Mitchell, she is amazing. I actually covered “A Case of You” and it features on the English Rain EP.

    You’re quickly acquiring immense notoriety all at the mere age of 21 but do you feel that being so young in this industry stunts your growth as a serious musician at all?
    Not at all, I think it makes it better! I’m way more impressionable as a young girl. I’ve been surrounded by great music, great artists and great people that I’m constantly learning from.

    What’s next for Gabrielle Aplin?
    I am currently doing lots of writing and starting work on my second album.

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