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  • Interview : Post Paradise

    Posted on by Sean Gonzalez in Interview

    Post Paradise is an alternative rock group from Fort Collins, Colorado. Their sound is defined by the infusion of rock with a cello, giving the band a unique taste to their compositions. The group released a new track earlier this year titled “Ordinary”, which features a quick pace and catchy vocal melodies. Rain City Ambience had a chance to talk with the band about the upcoming year and what the Colorado life can be like.

  • Album Reviews : The Left Outsides – The Shape Of Things To Come

    Posted on by Sean Gonzalez in Album Reviews

    The Left Outsides is a English duo that plays music worthy of charming snakes into submission. The band is comprised of husband Mark Nicholas and wife Alison Cotton. The Shape Of Things To Come features songs with tranquil qualities and their own shock value. Rich acoustic guitars, violas and harmonious vocal deliveries keep the music serene, but the pacing and approach add a quasi-psychedelic attitude.

  • Staff Blog : Genre Rants: Indie Music

    Posted on by Sean Gonzalez in Staff Blog

    Sean tries to discover what Indie Music actually is in this Genre Rant.

  • Staff Blog : Sean’s Top Five Albums of 2015 THUS FAR

    Posted on by Sean Gonzalez in Staff Blog

    Take a look at Sean’s Top Five Albums of 2015 So Far!

  • Interview : Eric Lilavois

    Posted on by Sean Gonzalez in Interview

    Eric Lilavois is an esteemed record producer from the Northwest that is known for working at London Bridge studio. He also records his own music which can be found here on his site. He has worked with bands like Saint Motel and Atlas Genius, as well as working with My Chemical Romance on one of their last EP’s. I sat down and interviewed him about the recording process and pizza, read that below.

  • News : Capsula – Live This Friday at Sunset Tavern

    Posted on by Sean Gonzalez in News

    Spanish rockers Capsula will be playing live at the Sunset Tavern this upcoming Friday, February 13th. The band was spawned from a David Bowie album in 1998 and have been strong ever since. They even had their band name from a David Bowie single. Their 2013 album Solar Secrets was produced by Toni Visconti, the man behind David Bowie’s album productions.

  • Staff Blog : Sean’s Top Ten Weird Albums Of 2014

    Posted on by Sean Gonzalez in Staff Blog

    This year I have spent plenty of time focusing on listening to as much music as possible. I have spanned a vast majority of genres and bands in my journey. This has also allowed me to be creative and have a variety of top ten’s that are creative and force me to think about everything that I listened to this year. I have already created a top 12 list for metal albums and I wanted to shed light on other albums that other people may have not heard but need to, for the sake of listening to something different. What defines a ‘weird’ album? Well to me it is an album that includes a lot of experimentation, different instruments and not following one style of music. Take a listen to the albums I list here and it may make more sense along the way!

  • Featured Artist : Michelle Chamuel

    Posted on by Sean Gonzalez in Featured Artist

    The name Michelle Chamuel might sound familiar, and that is because it is. Chamuel acquired a name for herself on season four of The Voice. That particular season awed viewers and critics alike because of her dynamic and high energy live shows. She became the runner-up for the show and has since began writing and playing her own music.

  • Album Reviews : Atriarch – An Unending Pathway

    Posted on by Sean Gonzalez in Album Reviews

    I’ve listened to my fair share of odd music in my day, but very few times have I come across an album that creeps me out as much as the music in the new Atriarch album An Unending Pathway. The black/doom/creep metal (yes I made that up) from Portland, Oregon have released this album through Relapse, their debut on the label but third album in their catalogue. Imagine heading to a funeral but no matter what radio station you turn to all you hear is this deep bellow of a bass guitar. Close your eyes and listen to how ‘Entropy’ begins, it’s like the start of a horror movie in which you realize the funeral you were going to is your own and now you’re stuck in some sort of loop.