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  • News : Stream ParisAlexa’s Highly Anticipated Project “Bloom”

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    Singer-Songwriter ParisAlexa delivers a soulful and vulnerable performance in her EP “Bloom”. Every track on the project is laced with enchanting harmonies and brilliant song writing from begging to end. The young artist creates anthems that are relatable and personal to the likes of SZA. Stand out tracks  are “Gardens (feat. MistaDC)” and “Leaves and Seasons”. Grab yourself some coffee, press play and “Bloom”!

  • News : Watch Now- Seattle’s jiggyjerms Drops New Visual

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    Blessing us for the Holiday’s Seattle rapper jiggyjerms drops a visual for his tracks “Fiji Diamonds” and “Get a Grip”.  The video is cool in it’s contrast as slides from one song to the other leaving you ready for a third track. Check it out below! 

  • Gallery : LANY at Showbox at the Market 11/07

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    Since conception, LANY has had the biggest spot in my heart. The Trio is composed of front man Paul Klein who oozes coolness. He’s charming with a surfer boy vibe and his warm vocals are easy to melt in. Then you have Les Priest, who has been making and producing music for a decade. Add a fantastic drummer, like Jake Goss, who has been playing and performing for most of his life and you reach the highest possibility of super stardom.

  • Gallery : King Krule at Showbox at the Market 11/03

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    When I first moved to Seattle in 2013 King Krule’s “6 Feet Beneath the Moon” was the soundtrack to my new life. It was gloomy, like the weather, and had this flare unlike anything else I’d ever listened to. There was something I always thought when I’d listen to him; imperfection. It plagues his music. It’s like life, there’s disorder but some sense of direction. It’s beautiful but unique and oddly the most comforting sound. His newest album, “The OOZ”, doesn’t carry the same messiness to it. But it is deep and in my opinion Archie Marshall’s most well-done work to date as King Krule.

  • Gallery : Kali Uchis at Showbox at the Market- 10/31

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    Kali Uchis has been on a steady come up since the start of her career. Her roster of collaborations is impressive- the list includes The Gorillaz, Tyler The Creator, Goldlink and even Latin legends Juanes. Though she has worked with incredible artists, her solo talent is not to be unseen. Her music is unique- a blend of jazz, pop, soul, and Latin influences- it makes up its own genre completely. At only twenty-three years old she has embarked on her first headlining tour this year and will be supporting Lana Del Rey on her upcoming tour early next year. It’s an exciting time for the young Colombian and an even better time to jump aboard ship as a fan. Kali is talented and I cannot stress this enough- a singer song writer, poet, producer, video director and style icon. She has her hands in it all and I think that’s what makes her so appealing, she does it all and she does it well.

  • News : Preview- Kali Uchis at Showbox at the Market Tonight!

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    In the spirit of all that is good and spooky this Halloween people will gather to watch a true reina [queen] grace our legendary Showbox stage. The young Colombiana was originally scheduled to play The Crocodile back in September which quickly sold out and was later moved to a larger venue. No better way to spend Halloween than watching the talented and mesmerizing Kali serenade us in her blend of Spanish/ English vocals.

  • Interview : Luna God

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    Seattle’s electronic scene has never been a secret, with some of the coolest venues like Q Night Club and organizations like USC and Upper Left bringing by some of the biggest tours. However, I find that the gems of Seattle are slowly growing in smaller events such as Jet Seattle- previously hosted on Friday nights in Barboza. There, I was able to discover some of the best DJ’s and producers Seattle has to offer.

  • News : Stream Tama Gucci’s Debut Mixtape “Out of Order” Now

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    Artist and creative Tama Gucci delivers his debut mixtape today and it is nothing short of perfect! From top to bottom each song is a banger with his dreamy vocals that are hard not to get lost in. As he promised- each song delivers a different genre with brilliant lyricism laid on top. Check it out below!

  • Gallery : The Drums at Neumos- Abysmal Thoughts Tour 7/17

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    It’s not often that I convince myself a show is worth attending on a Monday night after an 8 hour work day and fighting Seattle rush hour traffic. For New York’s The Drums, though, I’d do that three times over. I was giddy all day trying to predict what their set list would be, what the openers would be like and of course- what the newest album would sound like live.

  • Featured Artist : Tama Gucci

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    For the past year or so I found myself following the life of artist and model Kymani Floyd who goes by the name Tama Gucci. I fell for his style, his realness, humor and of course his undeniable talent. Sitting pretty at 19 years young, Kymani has cultivated a safe space with his online presence to embrace gender fluidity and support for young artists like himself. His music is experimental, much like many other aspects of his life, and often comes from waves of creativity and freestyles. I had a chance to chat with the Florida native to discuss music, fashion- and his upcoming mix-tape, “Out of Order” coming out this Friday!