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  • Sworn In

    The Death Card

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    Rating: 9/10

    Key Tracks: "Hypocrisy", "Snake Eyes" & "Return (The Heartless)"

    After one listen to Sworn In’s debut album “The Death Card”, many questions begin to surface. As the idea of death being an escape to the feeling of losing something close to you, like your sanity, with each listen to the album, you will begin to question just how strong your very own sanity is, at least that’s how I felt. With each track telling a new disturbing and mind twisting tale, “The Death Card” is story of a man who begins to question his choices in life and if he really is losing everything around him or just slowly letting his sanity slip further and further from his grasp to bring him back to reality. With each track painting a picture of man at the end of his rope and with his mental well-being at stake, “The Death Card” is a non-stop, relentless and chest pounding attack upon the listener.

    There is always a back story to every song that a band writes and I’m sure one day the real story will surface as to what the main character of this album actually experienced. The album opens with “XIII,” an intro to the roller-coaster ride you’re about to be a part of. With an eerie and haunting vibe, vocalist Tyler Dennen creepily speaks and the words gives you chills while they embark on this musical experience. “Hypocrisy” is an anthem for the hatred one person could have with angst-filled lyrics such as “fuck you, you’re meaningless to me” along with other lines filled with malice and detestation.

    As stated before, this album is a tale of a man questioning his sanity–as well as his life. “A Song for the Nameless” brings you a feeling of being nothing more than an outcast. The main character has ultimately lost the feeling and passion that makes him who he truly is and yet continues to search for a meaning to his life and the reason for his existence in the world. The song is a constant attack to one’s ears, with beastly breakdowns and gut-wrenching shrieks, making it a  true outcast anthem and a fan favorite.

    The album closes out this twisted tale of a broken man with the track “Return (The Heartless)” where the character ultimately accepts his fate as he physically and mentally deteriorates until his last living breath. The track is a reprise to the whole story and leaves you questioning  your own sanity after hearing the infamous “we are all alone at heart, maybe we are meant to be that way from the start” which was previously used on the band’s earlier EP “Start/End”.

    For having built the foundation of this band on simply word of mouth, along with various forms of social media and non-stop touring after touring, Sworn In have set the bar high with this debut album. Many concept albums tend to stray from the path of the story or leave the listener wondering why the band chose to go the direction they did. “The Death Card” takes you on a nightmarish tale and with each track and every set of lyrics, the flow of the story remains strong until the main character’s final acceptance. Pick up your copy of “The Death Card” out August 20th on Razor & Tie Records.

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