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    Key Tracks: "Colors"

    Many bands have tried to imagine the color spectrum in the form of sonic devices. Bands have been very successful at producing different colors with multiple songs (The Dear Hunter, Between The Buried And Me), but Seattle’s own New Lungs spans a variety of moods and styles on the opening track of their newest EP, Reviver. ‘Colors’ stars off indefinite and eerie, bursting into a spastic instrumental before settling down with the first verse. The song is enhanced by the wallpapers that would swirl around the computer screen, vibrant and moody with their own colors. The way the verse dramatically swings into the chorus, the build up, the echoes that signal the end, all of the encompassing parts work together like the spectrum of a rainbow.

    New Lungs possess a transcendental airiness to their songs. Guitarists Wes Gonzalez and Antoine Martel blend their separate parts together to create a cohesive mood, with the arpeggiated chords that open up ‘Empty Vessels’ one example of this. One guitar is in control over the lower notes while one rings a higher melody that complements each other for an overall theme. The vocals never rise above and beyond the twangy tone, but at times help give off a Death Cab For Cutie vibe, as in ‘The Thin Coat’ when Gonzalez beckons the instrumental sendoff after softly singing “post-teenage tragedy.” This particular part, along with ‘Colors’ are two highlights of the EP for me.

    ‘No Blades OK’ is a more upbeat song, driven by distorted guitar progressions and lavish sounding full chords. The change of pace that takes place at around 1:41 is a bold move, showcasing the confidence this band has. ‘bwimk’ is a six minute behemoth of a track, flushing out various changes of pace and heaviness throughout its duration. At one moment a lush melody is holding the spotlight while the next has swirling vocals filling the void of empty space, and yet it is the explosive build of the bridge that takes the trophy for the most commanding moment.

    New Lungs’ Reviver is an impressive EP. It takes a few listens to latch onto the vibe, but the fusion of post-punk/indie/emo revival has combustible moments through its soft, airy movements. The EP is digitally available now, over on their Bandcamp, and catch their CD release at Neumos on June 20th!

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