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  • My Goodness

    Shiver + Shake

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    Rating: 8/10

    Key Tracks: "Bottle," "C'mon Doll," "Pay No Mind"

    It is becoming more common to see bands bare back to a more simple approach to music. The White Stripes and The Black Keys have led the two-member approach since the turn of the 21st century, and since then a couple more artists have adapted this method.

    Seattle duo My Goodness is yet another band to strip their sound down to a guitarist and drummer. There needs to be no more comparisons drawn between them and other similarly formatted groups, because dynamically Joel Schneider (Guitarist) and Andy Lum (Drummer) fluctuate their sound enough to keep their music interesting and fun. Their newest album Shiver + Shake does what it promises, quivering with heavy alternative rock but littering bluesy twangs on top of a drum delivery that is bound to leave you trembling.

    Schneider and Lum made sure to keep the 13 songs found on this record separate with their own moods and styles. Very rarely will one track feel similar to one before or after. This is due to the raw feel that feeds off the dynamic duo blasting their way through some tracks while remembering to slow down with the same amount of focus. Listen to the way ‘Pay No Mind’ begins versus how the rest of the track pans out, for example. An introspective Schneider softly questions his existence with a guitar and voice, calling out, “Won’t somebody tell me what is the soul of a man?” Lum makes his entrance to the song with an explosion of energy, keeping the song upbeat and lively for its remainder. The title track creeps along with bends and an appropriate stop-and-go pulse.

    Listening to this LP is rewarding because as soon as you think you have these two figured out, they attack with a completely different method. After the first six tracks showcase a uniquely heavier twang, ‘Bottle’ pulls the ears in with a beautiful folk melody. This track stands out well against the other bangers sandwiching it in. ‘Cold Feet Killer’ embraces a 90’s grungy tone with the chorus pedal turned on high. ‘C’mon Doll’ showcases Lum with his intricate rolling drum patterns that swirl around the guitars. The song structurally takes on a few different motifs but glues them together very appropriately. Closing track ‘Lost My Soul’ finds Schneider with an illustrious acoustic guitar and another addicting vocal melody.

    Shiver + Shake is a must hear album for fans of rock music. The blues and alternative overtones are just cherries on top. My Goodness harnesses an energy that is not only powerful but addictive. The 13 songs on this album spew intelligent guitar leads with raw drum fills, enough to keep any listener interested.

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